Oct 15, 2012 : Fixes, Tweaks, Exploration

– Autoassist loophole for double attacks should now be closed.
– Charmed mobs are now subject to the same restriction on summoning elementals as players are.
– Changed messages when charm is dispelled.
– The Minor Creation spell can now be used to create a bedroll – its not great but better than sleeping on the ground in the wilderness.
– We will now begin tracking whether or not you have visited a room. The % of the world you have visited will be displayed in your score.

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Minor Changes – Oct 14

– Adding some tracking of online player count so I can make pretty graphs later
– Fixed bug that caused sanction removal to remove other things

Rampage Change:
– Reduced chance for 2nd bonus attack on primary target while rampaging
– Reduced chance for stun effect on rampaging attacks
– Reduced stat bonuses for rampage

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Changes – Sept 15 2012

An assortment of small changes and updates, the majority by Aiwendil and dealing with areas, and a few minor by Aule.
– Help prompt typo for gold fixed (%G for bank, %g for inventory)
– Camping now gives more informative failure messages
– Arda staff should now be one handable for Noldor & Avari
– Some misc background stuff for mobprogs
– HELP WARMAGE, HELP SEER should now be visible

== Area Changes ==

– Modified spiked war club, hammers, broadsword, and cuirass (generic and uniques)
– Fixed mobprogs: Harry, Billy, Tom, Gruumsh, hapless victims

– Fixed broken mobprogs
– Sector and room flags are now correct
– Previously unlinked rooms are now linked
– Certain doors have now been properly reset
– Private room has been removed
– Amber Knight becomes harder

Hobgoblin Keep:
– Weapon stats have been adjusted down
– Shields should now work like shields (as opposed to armor)
– Edited mobprog

– Women are no longer blind

– Thelad is no longer blind

Divided Souls:
– Avengers, Deathmaster and related assassins are now immune to summoning

– Mob immunities, resistances, and weaknesses have been redone based on race and logic

– Smaug is now reprogrammed to use the new rampage appropriately.

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Hey guys, its been hot here, and the mud server’s harddrive finally decided enough was enough and died. Yay! So in the next 24 hours I’ll be setting up a new host and hopefully recovering all the files. Worst case, I should have a compelte backup from this weekend. Sorry for an interruption in your gaming enjoyment.

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Fixes – April 17, 2012

– A few patches ago the pit-split level was raised to 55 from the previous 40
– Raised the deletion and name-reuse cap to 40 from 20
– Resolved a possible item dupe bug (STR)
– ‘May quest again in x min’ should now say the proper time instead of 0
– Fixed a bug that could cause corpse rot in as a little as 2 ticks
– Fixed a bug with the loot command that caused it to send erroneous [Inform]s for unlootable items (hopefully fixed completely this time)
– Turning off the music channel now turns off music and not OOC. If you had previously turned off Music, check your OOC.

== Rampage Changes ==
– Rampage’s bonus attacks now cost 5 move each
– No more additional loss of chance to defend for any class vs the rampaging bashkar (Rampaging bashkar defense loss still applies to them though)
– Fleeing while rampaging now incurs the same penalty as attempting to flee while berserked
– Nerf on casting while rampaged has been cut in half – nerf on use of scrolls is unaffected

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March 11 Changes and New Things!

– Max Prompt Size has been increased to 255char (from 50 char)
– Prompts have new options. Check HELP PROMPT for more details
– Your PK points are now visible in your score. If you still use oldscore.. upgrade!
– RM’s pool will properly use ‘in’ instead of ‘on’ when you rest/sleep in it.
– Fixed bug causing your to create ‘The head of (null)’ when stuffing heads.
– Removed SUICIDE as keyword for HELP DELETE

– Added global ‘music’ channel. Please use this for all of your OOC singing and music discussion needs.

– Added an area, the Hobgoblin Keep for low levels (20-30?). It even has a helpfile.

– Added speedwalking commands: walk , walkto
-Use WALK to walk with a directly provded speedwalk list. ie: walk 2nes3e
-Use WALKTO to save direction lists with a name and invoke them.
-There is a help file. HELP WALKTO
-You may save up to 12 sets of directions.

== Rampage Alterations ==
-Rampage now has shorter duration, less DR bonus and less STR bonus
-A rampaging Bashkar now has only 0->25% chance to roll to use their defensive abilities against incoming attacks. The chance is dependent on their skill with Rampage
-The chances for the Bashkar’s victims to defend themselves have been reworked. Now they roll against one set of odds for the chance to defend themselves against an attack and then roll for each defense (sidestep, parry, db, dodge, shield block) as normal.
-Rampage is intended to be anti-spellcaster.
-PURE_ARMS classes will have the best chance to defend themselves vs the bashkar’s rampaging attacks as they are well trained in the art of melee combat.
-HYBRID classes will have middle-of-the-road chances to defend themselves. While they are fairly well trained in the melee arts, the aspect of their mind devoted to non-melee tasks is larger and prevents them from being able to adequetely deal with the enraged bashkar.
-PURE_SPELL classes simply should not face a rampaging bashkar. As their studies have been devoted to the mind and are only lightly trained in the art of the melee they cannot properly anticipate and respond to the attacks of a rampaging Bashkar. They can expect to defend against very few of a Bashkar’s attacks.

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March 4, 2012 – Minor Fixes & Rampage

== Misc ==
– Divinity duration has been decreased
– Fixed a bug with object resets in areas causing duplicate items to stack up in a room if they were loaded in more than one room
– Fixed a typo in Divinity’s activation message

== Rampage ==
– New version of Rampage for the Bashkars
– Now grants:
– a large HR/DR Bonus
– a STR bonus (to help counteract poison and plague effects)
– 2 bonus attacks vs the Bashkars victim per pulse
– 2 attacks vs anything attacking the Bashkar that is not the Bashkar’s target
– a decreased chance of the Bashkar’s attack being parried, blocked, evaded, dodged or sidestepped
– a chance to stun on all attacks by an enraged bashkar, chance starts at 4% and adjusts with rampage skill
– a stunning attack has a small chance of knocking the Bashkar’s opponent down
– a MASSIVE decrease in ability to cast spells and recite scrolls due to the Bashkar’s bloodlust

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March 3, 2012 Changes, & Divinity

== Bug Fixes ==
– Frost affect wear-off message now makes sense (was: !Frost!)
– Fixed a bug causing stacking affects with multiple sub-affects to stack incorrectly
– Seer and Warmage are now visible in the class selection menu at creation.

== Spell Changes ==
– Victims now have a chance to save vs Tornado and Frost for half damage and avoidance of BadThings (blind, and frost affects)
– Flying no longer will cause a victim to escape damage from frost.
– The duration and affect stacking (stat penalties for victims) have been severely curtailed so that it is less powerful than NerveStrike
– Frost will no longer impact dex, now only STR. The amount is based on caster level.

== Divinity Changes ==
– Divinity is no longer a suicide bomber skill.
– Divinity is now a AC boost based on your level, skill with divinity and alignment. Min boost should -25, Max is somewhere over -100.
– Divinity grants you a bonus attack vs enemies that are not your alignment.
– Divinity grants your weapon Holy or Unholy damage if the mob you are fighting is good or evil and you are not the same alignment.
– Divinity costs roughly 200 mana to invoke, drecreases based on skill.
– While fighting something not of your alignment with Divinity active, your alignment will drift towards a ‘pure’ position: -1000, 0, or 1000.
– Divinity grants you a (DIVINE) aura.

== Misc Changes ==
– You may now sell back quest coins for 25 QP.
– A large number of messages referencing items glowing colors are now colored to match.

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March 2, 2012 Changes : ManaFires and Spellburst!

Two remort skills are affected here. Manafires and Spellburst.

– Fixed the loot command causing an inform on non PC corpse containers
– Rebuilt spellburst. It now works on all spells. Use your own name for target-self spells
– Changed Manafires to an overcharge type skill.
— You engage manafires with the manafires command. You must have atleast 200 mana to engage it. There is an initial mana cost based on your skill level.
— Until manafires wears off, all magical damage dealt by your character is amplified, based on your level and skill at spellburst, between 1.5 and 3x the original damage.
— You will be charged mana for the extra damage based on the boost. Mana cost is affected by your level and skill in spellburst.
— Every tick manafires upkeep will burn 5% of your manapool, or 30 mana, whichever is the larger number. If you run out of mana at the tick, manafires will end.

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Feb 26, 2012 Changes

– Valar names when sacrificing eq is now random and no longer tied to clans.
– Items in pits will slowly degrade (condition) over time until they reach 0, at which point they will turn to dust. This should take at least 8 days for a 100% condition item.
– Player corpses will now take over an hour to rot.
– You may no longer use the ‘get’ command to loot a corpse. You must now use the ‘loot’ command. Your action will be made public.
– You may no longer pick up a player corpse, even if you have all the strength and carry capacity in the world.
– Resolved an issue with weapons in the pit and market losing weapon flags. Future items placed in the market and pits will not lose flags. Please notify me of any further problems.
– You may no longer delete after level 20. You couldn’t reuse your name after that point, this just makes bookkeeping easier for us. If you want to destroy a character please request a flame bath from your friendly neighborhood Vala.
– The minimum level gain is now 5 5 7 instead of 3 3 7.

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