Nov 7 — Nerfs, Rejuvenation, Corrections

Replacement for rejuvenation, some typo corrections, some adjustments to charm and spellburst, and some fixes here.

== Charm ==
– Reduced charm success chances after first victim
– Skill in mass charm reduces the reduction in chance
– Mass charm now requires skill in Charm
– Failing Mass Charm no longer guarantees the victim will attack

== Rejuvenation ==
– Rejuvenation (cleric remort) is now an activation based affect that provides a per-pulse group heal.
– Mana cost per pulse is expressed in a percent of the hp healed.
– See HELP REJUV for more information.

== Misc ==
– Spells cast using spellburst now consume more mana, roughly 33%, than those cast without.
– Pants, Sleeves, Hood and Gloves of Arda are now clothing type items instead of armor
– Updated Marriage code to support unions between same-sex couples
– Corrected some typos in some helpfiles and areas that were pointed out
– Corrected some code that could cause crashes

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