Corrections, Alterations, Adjustments – Apri 8, 2013

Mostly minor items here, long overdue corrections and updates.

– Resolved a bug that could cause quiet mode to be used to stealth-loot or die without an INFORM
– Corrected a bug that caused CHAIN objprog triggers to not work (such as Firan weapons)
– Noncharmed mobs should no longer assist charmed mobs
– You should now properly receive the conloss message when you are bounty-killed.
– A crash causing bug involving objprobs and dead mobs hopefully patched over
– The mana capacity for created warpstones has been greatly reduced
– Corrected a mistake included in the last patch that caused group xp gains to be treated as if a character was killing solo
– Drain Essence no longer affects xp gain calculations and grouping range

==Area changes==

White Lotus
-Chow will now manage assistive guards more fairly

-Amber Knight now manages divinity more efficiently

-He goes more places and sees more sights. He may take the mages another pulse to kill now.

-Rohirrim Equipment Changes (eg, bulk, ac)

Tharbad/Sarumans Tower
-Reduced values of some items that were out of line with other values in the world

-Updated PRIZES helpfile for boots and gauntlet

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