High Men or Dunedain, Black Numenoreans, and Corsairs as they are collect-
ively known are descendants of the Edain who settled on the Island of
Numenor during the Second Age. It was their Numenorian forefathers who
colonized and conquered much of Middle-earth. When the Isle of Numenor sank
beneath the waves in S.A. 3319, two groups survived: the Black Numenoreans
and the Faithful Dunedain. The later settled Arnor and Gondor, the Realms in
Physically they are a combination of elves and men. They have the in-
herent elven height but lack their natural grace of limb and form. They
tend toward large heavy or robust builds.
They can be any class or alignment, and they have no racial abilities
or restrictions. The average male height is 6’5″, while females average
5’10” (size:6).

           Str Int Wis Dex Con  Hit Pts.     Age (in years)
Base :     15  15  15  11  14   Max: 1500    Start: 17
Max  :     21  21  21  17  20   Neg: -110    Death: 300
Magic:     25  25  25  21  24       Creation Points: 7
Languages: Westron, Aduniac, Quenya, Sindarin.