It is the understanding that all who expect to become great in Middle Earth have a basic understanding of the geography surrounding Tharbad. In particular it is assumed that you know of basic landmarks and navigating by them. It is also understood that not all the realm is known to all mortals, and thus many corners of the world lack known landmarks in the collective knowledge. Even as great as you are, you are but mortal and must be able to see, and be outside to locate a landmark to navigate by. The after-effects of teleportation will nullify your ability to locate and navigate by landmarks as well.

If you at any time feel the need to refresh yourself on the landmarks that are known to you, the LANDMARKS command is your friend.
You will be presented with a list of known landmarks and notes for each.

Should you wish to walk to a landmark, you need but WALKTO or alternatively if you already have an aliased walkto with that landmarks name, WALKTO LANDMARK

** Notes **
The landmark system will make a best-effort to navigate you to your destination according to a route that it calculates the lowest movement usage for. This may not be 100% accurate. It will assume you can open a door, but not unlock one. It will assume you can fly or possess a boat as needed. It will also assume that no other creatures will impede your progress. These things may or may not be true.
No guarantees of safety are made, and it is suggested that those who would become great powers should bear in mind that the safest routes exit Tharbad and go out in to the world. Cross country navigation from other starting locations may be less safe.

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