Jan 14, 2018 :: A Quest for Something (A Better Quest?)

=== QUESTING ===
+ Quest Requests / Offers / Quits / Success are now stats tracked in the background.
+ QuestMaster will no longer offer item-pickup quests.
+ QuestMaster now provides gold in addition to QP for completed quests.
+ QuestMaster will now tell you up front what he will give you as a reward for a quest.
+ QuestMaster will now track the last 10 quests you are offered and should not offer you a quest from that list (Once you have been offered 10 since this patch)
+ Time elapsed is no longer a factor in quest rewards.
+ Cooldown following successful quest completions has been reduced.
+ Cooldown following a ‘No Quest Available’ event has been reduced.
+ Quests will be preserved across logout and copyover and will be continued upon your return.

**Important Note**
This is basically ‘Beta Phase 1’ of Quest stuff. I expect there will be a lot of tweaking of the system.
Additionally, there are a lot of places we can go from here, I expect we will improve the difficulty assessment for quests which will yield more accurate payouts, that we will add different quest types beyond the basic kill quest, more things to do with your QP, etc. So I need to hear feedback on this and to hear where you guys want to take questing.


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April 17, 2017: Mirkwood, FreeAction, P-Smash&S-Bash, Questing

==Area Changes==
+ Some mobs have gained new keywords
+ Equipment has been largely stripped of annoying hidden and invis tags
+ Mottled Green Gauntlets are now clothing (leather material)
+ Green/Brown Mottled Shields have had stats adjusted
+ Voodoo dagger and Green Mottled Shield now provide a +Resist rather than a +Immune
+ Assorted mundane weapons in Mirkwood adjusted for sanity
+ Encrusted Mallorn Rod no longer provides alignment shift
+ Some base damage stats for some mobs have been adjusted downwards
–Misc Areas–
+ Some Dunedain Watchtower mobs have lost sanc and had stats adjusted
+ Blade of the Night is now flagged LifeDrain again
+ Fixed the wear location for the Hand of Buddha gauntlets
+ FreeAction loads again in the world

==Skill Changes==
+ Powersmash has had its overall damage reduced, its chance to land reduced by 5%, and its chance to land a daze lasting for more than a single round reduced by 16%
+ ShieldBash chance to fall on your own face as well as knockdown has been reduced by half.

+ Will now iterate over 50% more options attempting to find you a quest
+ Raised the ‘hahah I will send you after insane stuff’ level minimum to 81 from 70
+ At level 51 the ‘acceptable’ level range of mobs will expand slightly
+ QM will attempt more checks for acceptability in earlier stages to reduce chances of NoQuest result.

+ Corrected walkto issue when encountering room that requires page scroll prompt response.

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Landmarks! Finding things in other things! Ending Hunger in Arda!

April 8 2017 : Movement, Hunger&Thirst, misc
+ Movement point gains are now scaled such that you will gain more over the first 50 levels than the last 50. Its a sliding scale the benefits the low end most.
+ Reduced base movement cost and lag by 33% for movement between outdoor locations
+ New helpfile for maintain (thanks Elebrin)
+ Fixed (should be) autoopen / grouping issue (thanks Elebrin)
+ You will no longer hunger or thirst if you are inside of a city or in a LAW area
(it is assumed you are a hero capable of feeding yourself in such mundane environs)

April 1, 2017 – (War)mages, Searching
+ Increased Warmage and Mage mana pool maxes
+ Created ‘search in’ command functionality to search containers for matching items and display results
(There was also a terrible April Fools update involving the need to poop.

March 26, 2017 – Containers and Landmarks and Walking
+ Increased WALKTO stored alias limit to 24
+ Fixed bug that would cause a walkto to fail to properly halt when attacked

+ Decreased the total capacity, individual item size limit, and weight reduction on Embroidered Saddlebags
+ Removed MAGIC and HIDDEN flags from Embroidered Saddlebags
+ Added global limit to Embroidered Saddlebags
+ Increased weight reduction, maximum single item weight, and global limit for Holes
+ Increased global limit and weight reduction for Girdle of Many Pouches (GOMP)

+ Added new container (canvas rucksack) in Tharbad shop

+ Implemented first version of the Landmarks system.
— This system is designed to assist newbies and low levels in exploring the world and reaching new places.
— It incidentally can make low level questing much easier
— This is version 1, changes and new aspects are on the drawing board, but I’d like to hear feedback
— See HELP LANDMARKS for extended information and usage

+ WALKTO has new options relating to LANDMARKS. HELP WALKTO has been updated.

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Changes, Changes, Changes

Been updating again, so here are some of the more significant change notes from the past month:
Mar 12, 2017 : SOFTDEATH, Newbie Accessibility Initiative, WALKTO updates
** Newbie Accessibility Initiative **
+ Implemented softdeath for newbies. See help SoftDeath in game
+ The learned skill Perception will now scale from 100% – > 60% for a character’s first 20 levels and will then switch to learned percentage.
— If at any time the learned percentage is higher than the scaled, the actual learned percentage will be used. This is to aid new players in gauging mobs and basic gear.

** Walk/WalkTo Changes **
+ Walk/WalkTo will now break if you fail to move rooms on a commanded move rather than continue incorrect movement commands.
+ You may use to continue ‘broken’ pathing segment – this assumes you are in the correct room and have resolved whatever issue caused your walk to fail.

March 9, 2017
=Skill Changes=
+ NerveStrike, Assasination, Sanction and Entangle should now have proper waitstates (lag) applied after failure
+ Cyclone Kick base damage is now increased if you are skilled in Kick
+ Increased maximum damage output of: Iron Hand, Pain Touch, Phoenix Claw
+ Iron Hand daze chance increased
+ Iron Hand now has a small chance to knock down an opponent

=Other GamePlay Changes=
+ Chaos Flag check has been increased by 2% per check
+ Corrected incorrect interaction of chaos flag and shield affs
+ Mobs are now significantly more likely to activate manafires, divinity and rejuvenation if they have the skill. No guarantees on the sanity of those activations or the effective capitalization on them by the mobs.
+ Further reduced chance of teleport and translocate by mobs
+ Consequentially increased chance of mobs fleeing rather than translocating or teleporting

+ Added autoopen command – when enabled you will attempt to unlock and open any doors in the direction you are walking.

+ Sauron no longer loads at the Darkwood entrance and should roam the area.

Feb 16 2017
== Skill Changes ==
– Added Fifth Attack skill at level 70 for Warriors
– Added Fourth Attack to Paladins at level 75
– Increased level of Fourth attack for bashkars to 35
– Increase difficulty of Fourth attack improvement
– Increased % chance to roll fourth attack

Feb 18, 2017
– EQ sizing information is now shown on items in the main donation pit. This is primarily to aid newcomers in finding appropriate gear.
– Mud school weapons have been improved to a semi usable point for that first level or two. (avedam around 10 now rather than 2)

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Two Hand Combat and More!

There are 4 new skills for two hand combat. Warriors, Rangers, Paladins and Warmages have access to them.
– Two Hand Combat — passive skill, boosts general 2-hand combat damage and effects of other 2-hand skills.
– Cleave — active attack action to deal damage to your opponent.
– Sweep — active attack action that deals damage to all opponents in combat with you in the room
– Powersmash — active attack action that attempts to daze your opponent

– New command: GRIP – allows you to shift your grip between one and two hands on your weapon. no argument is needed. See HELP GRIP
– Parry receives a boost if you are using a two handed weapon. It is also harder to parry a two handed weapon now.

Other changes this patch:
– REGEN: You will no longer regen hp/mana/move on the tick. This will now happen at a reduced rate, roughly every 15-23 seconds.
– New prompt options! %t for in-game time of day, %T for system time in 24 hour format
– Shield Bash and Strike now have an added risk that you will fall flat on your face in your moment of triumph
– Disarm relies less on level now than before, though it is still a factor.
– Quest coins may no longer be sold back to the quest master. Sorry to all those who used it for legit commerce.
– The minor creation spell can now be used to create notepaper for writing notes.
– Improving skills now checks your PERM INT stat and not your CURRENT INT
– Two new quest weapons have been added, the War-Chain and the Maul. Both are 2-handed.
– Parry now considers the type of weapon you are using and the type of weapon your opponent is using. Some weapons are easier to parry with and against than others.
– Some Helpfiles have been updated.

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Catching up on Changes!

Changes since the last post about changes…

== Jan 24, Changes ==
Give x*item now caps at giving 20, rather than allowing giving 400 diamonds to someone. This change prevents the creation of an incorrect state for the networking sockets.
Mob spell selection vs characters with resists should now have more variance.
Lag for failing berserk reduced by aproximately 1/3 of previous
Lag for failed resize, repair and sharpen have all been reduced by roughly half.
EQ flagged nodrop or quest_eq will no longer jump if blessed/cursed while on evil/good characters.

== Empower, Maintain, Misc Fixes – Jan 11, 2014 ==

+ Warpstone skill uses less mana when fails, lower mana level requirement to use
+ Empower’s breath attack should be much more useful (improved damage by a factor of 3)
+ Level 1s will no longer disconnect once they idle in to the void, instead they will drop at 30min, like everyone else
+ slay_man flag now correctly affects beornings. slay_troll flag no longer incorrectly affects beornings.
+ Corrected a longstanding error that could cause a very rare crash.

– Use as you would ‘CAST’, but for buff spells only. Spells cast with maintain will only target you, you cannot MAINTAIN a spell on another.
– When you cast a spell with MAINTAIN, you will attempt to maintain the spell by directing some focus on it each tick. If you are successful the spell affect will not tick down, but you will pay a small amount of mana.
– The mechanics of casting via MAINTAIN are equivalent to those of CAST. All the same requirements, costs, and failure rates apply.
– Logging off will end any spell maintaining you were doing.
– Maintained spells can still be dispelled and cancelled like any normally cast spell.
– You must be standing in order to maintain. Spells will not maintain while in combat, or while resting, sleeping, incapacitated or dead.
– The chance of maintaining a spell is based directly on your skill in the spell, your wisdom, and your mental state (spell shorted, berserked and rampaging all work against it).

== 12-29-2013 – Fixes ==
+ Using say and sayto with a ! or ? at the end of your message will change the very from ‘says’ to ‘exclaims’ or ‘asks’
– Fixed two potential crash causing errors involving mobs killing themselves.
– Mass Charm will now give an error message if you cannot cast offensive spells on anyone in the room (ie: safe room)
+ Using the PROMPT command with the ‘show’ argument will now tell you what your prompt is.
– Warpstone skill will no longer consume 7x your level in mana when it creates a warpstone. Will now consume the mana value held in the warpstone +50%

== June 9, 2013 – Fixes, Small Changes, Gauntlets, Server Stuff ==
– Gauntlet AveDam Changes! Char size is no longer factored into gauntlet avedam. Gauntlet avedam is now calculated as if your size was fixed at 6. In other words, Ologs with gauntlets got nerfs, and things like hobbit monks just got a boost.
– Reduced casting difficulty level of sanctuary, allowing more mobs to access the spell.
– Increased randomization of xp reward calculations, brought reward levels for killing sentient vs non-sentient mobs closer together.
– An error made years ago when sanction was given to sorcerors preventing it from improving has been corrected. Sorcerors should now see sanction improve. Still requires a black outline to improve.
– Some helpfiles have been updated / corrected.
– Fixed a crash bug involving emptying a container
– Fixed a crash bug involving a mob killing itself
– Fixed a crash bug involving you killing a mob in a very specific manner

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Fixes & Updates – April 24, 2013

== Fixes, Corrections, Updates ==
– Corrected check-assist behaviour to allow PCs to assist NPC charmies
– Removed assist_guard, assist_vnum ACT flags on planeswalk mobs
– Altered the backend system that handles denoting whether a command is allowed when ordering a charmed mob or player. Expanded the list of prohibited commands
– Adjusted warpstone skill not to factor obj value of low price gems
– Mobs may cast with spellburst now
– Removed imm rooms and other petshop/livery rooms from room counter
– When creating a listing at the market, setting the quickbuy value will set the starting bid value to an equal value if it has not yet been set.

– Entangle and Sanction now eat only half mana on failure.
– Entangle and Sanction both have reduced mana usage at lower levels and capped maxium mana usage.
– Sanction should land more often now

==Spellburst Changes==
– Spellburst now uses only 1 spell, three times.
syntax: spellburst
– Spellburst requires that you be competent (75%) in a spell to spellburst it
– Spellburst now has a chance to fail initially or part way through based on your skill in spellburst. This chance exists even at 100% (though drastically reduced)

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Corrections, Alterations, Adjustments – Apri 8, 2013

Mostly minor items here, long overdue corrections and updates.

– Resolved a bug that could cause quiet mode to be used to stealth-loot or die without an INFORM
– Corrected a bug that caused CHAIN objprog triggers to not work (such as Firan weapons)
– Noncharmed mobs should no longer assist charmed mobs
– You should now properly receive the conloss message when you are bounty-killed.
– A crash causing bug involving objprobs and dead mobs hopefully patched over
– The mana capacity for created warpstones has been greatly reduced
– Corrected a mistake included in the last patch that caused group xp gains to be treated as if a character was killing solo
– Drain Essence no longer affects xp gain calculations and grouping range

==Area changes==

White Lotus
-Chow will now manage assistive guards more fairly

-Amber Knight now manages divinity more efficiently

-He goes more places and sees more sights. He may take the mages another pulse to kill now.

-Rohirrim Equipment Changes (eg, bulk, ac)

Tharbad/Sarumans Tower
-Reduced values of some items that were out of line with other values in the world

-Updated PRIZES helpfile for boots and gauntlet

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Nov 7 — Nerfs, Rejuvenation, Corrections

Replacement for rejuvenation, some typo corrections, some adjustments to charm and spellburst, and some fixes here.

== Charm ==
– Reduced charm success chances after first victim
– Skill in mass charm reduces the reduction in chance
– Mass charm now requires skill in Charm
– Failing Mass Charm no longer guarantees the victim will attack

== Rejuvenation ==
– Rejuvenation (cleric remort) is now an activation based affect that provides a per-pulse group heal.
– Mana cost per pulse is expressed in a percent of the hp healed.
– See HELP REJUV for more information.

== Misc ==
– Spells cast using spellburst now consume more mana, roughly 33%, than those cast without.
– Pants, Sleeves, Hood and Gloves of Arda are now clothing type items instead of armor
– Updated Marriage code to support unions between same-sex couples
– Corrected some typos in some helpfiles and areas that were pointed out
– Corrected some code that could cause crashes

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Oct 19, 2012 – Small Changes&Additions, Quest Flagging, Group XP

A few alterations and additions:

– Fixed a buggy room in the sewers that would eat up large amounts of move due to an invalid sectortype
– You can now use %p in your prompt to display your Exploration Percentage
– You may no longer name a pet with your own name

– I implemented a system that allows us to switch between the current, ‘stock’ group xp calculation and a flat percentage penalty (ranging from 50% bonus to 100% penalty, settable on the fly)
– You can view the current status of the group xp modifier with the ‘settings’ command.
– When non-stock group penalties are in effect you will recieve heavily penalized XP if you are in a group led by a mob. (ie: grouped around your clan guard to avoid group range restrictions)
– We will be experimenting with the xp modifier settings for groups over the next while.

– Changed behavior of scribe & brew such that they now alter the name string of a completed potion or scroll to contain ‘potion’ or ‘scroll’ accordingly, rather than the original item name (currently ‘vial’ and ‘parchment’). Thanks to Elua for pointing this one out.

Quest Weapon Flagging! IMPORTANT!
When you purchase quest weapons now, you will be required to pick your flag (elemental, shocking, frost, acid) at the itme of purchase.
The QUEST BUY command has been extended for this to QUEST BUY
Buying non-weapon quest equipment remains the same as before.

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