Clerics are pure spell users of Channeling, who have concentrated in spells that require direct power from the Valar. Communing with Deity, summoning live creatures, protection from servants of opposing Deities and direct channeling from their own Deity.

These spell users are the most powerful spell users of Channeling, but are the most restricted in the sense of heeding the desires or alignment of their deity. Most of their spells focus on healing or defending the faithful, with their few combat spells being far less powerful than those of mages or mentalists. However, clerics posses an impressive array of protective magics, as well as fair combat prowess.

All clerics begin with skill in the mace and the art of meditation. They also have the ability, albeit at heavy cost to learn the use of any weapon, and should wear light armour to prevent spell casting interference.

 INT/WIS        +1 INT/+3 WIS        2000      PURE SPELL USER / CHANNELING

Creation Options:
group              cp    group              cp    group              cp   
cleric default     60    weaponmaster       30    allies defence     5     
attack             6     benedictions       6     channels           5     
creation           4     curative           5     defensive          5     
detection          7     harmful            5     healing            5     
lofty movement     3     maladictions       5     protective         5     
resistance         5     transportation     6     weather            5     

skill              cp    skill              cp    skill              cp   
axe                4     dagger             3     hammer             4     
hand to hand       4     flail              3     polearm            6     
spear              3     sword              5     blind fighting     6     
dodge              6     dual wield         6     engage             2     
enhanced damage    5     kick               5     kata one           7     
parry              6     rescue             2     second attack      7     
shield bash        5     shield block       4     trip               4     
attunement         3     binding            5     body development   4     
brew               5     channeling         3     endurance          4     
fast healing       4     haggle             5     herbalism          3     
light sleep        3     peek               5     scrolls            2     
smash door         4     spell mastery      5     warp stone         5     

Spells & Skills Available:
Level  1: cause light               cure light      
Level  2: detect evil               detect good               
          detect magic              
Level  3: create water              faerie fire               
Level  4: continual light           detect poison             
Level  5: create food               refresh                   
Level  6: blur                      create spring             
          cure blindness            
Level  7: bless                     detect invis              
Level  8: protection evil           protection good           
Level  9: cause serious             cure serious              
Level 10: armor                     earthquake                
          floating disc             
Level 11: aid                       detect hidden             
          merge                     remove fear               
Level 12: poison                    summon                    
Level 13: cure disease              weaken                    
Level 14: cure poison               sleep                     
Level 15: dispel evil               dispel good               
Level 16: blindness                 calm                    
          heat weapon               identify                  
Level 17: cause critical            cure critical             
Level 18: fly                       remove curse              
          shift                     water lungs               
Level 19: control weather           curse                     
Level 20: flamestrike               resist light              
          word of recall            
Level 21: faerie fog                plague                    
Level 22: heroes feast              minor creation            
Level 23: frenzy                    resist lightning          
Level 24: beacon                    dispel magic              
Level 25: call lightning            defend                    
          deflection                harm                      
Level 26: cancellation              inspire                   
Level 27: enlighten                 hold person               
          locate object             
Level 28: dimension door            resist cold               
          resist heat               
Level 29: stunning                  
Level 30: slow                      
Level 31: stone skin                
Level 32: displacement              
Level 33: chain lightning           
Level 34: demon fire                heavens fire              
          resist energy             
Level 35: true harm                 true heal                 
Level 36: holy word                 portal                    
Level 37: animate dead              mass healing              
Level 39: scry                      
Level 40: evacuation                
Level 45: deflection true           
Level 48: alkar                     

Level  1: axe                       dagger                    
          hammer                    hand to hand              
          flail                     mace                      
          polearm                   spear                     
          sword                     engage                     
          rescue                    shield block               
          attunement                body development           
Level  4: herbalism                 
Level  6: meditation                
Level  8: enhanced damage           endurance                 
          smash door                
Level  9: fast healing              
Level 10: channeling                spell mastery             
Level 12: kick                      second attack             
Level 15: light sleep               
Level 18: blind fighting            haggle                    
Level 20: kata one                  parry                     
Level 21: peek                      
Level 22: dodge                     shield bash               
Level 24: brew                      
Level 28: dual wield                
Level 30: warp stone                
Level 50: binding