Aule: Feb 10, 2018 : Fixing, Nerf, Outsourcing

An assortment of items this patch for your enjoyment.
+ Corrected missing level and gold values for
items within the new area Ruins of Angmar
+ Corrected a few quiet mobprog issues in Ruins
+ Reformatted some items and mobs in Ruins/Argond to eliminate title-casing on non-named mobs
+ Set global limits for some items that were intended to have less supply in Ruins / Argond
+ Added stay_area flags for wandering aggie mobs in Ruins
+ Corrected an item trigger in Ruins
+ Corrected weapons in Ruins that were meant to be 2H from the start but had improper size settings.

+ In Mirkwood, there was a mob that loaded with the RIPPED flag, so it died every time it loaded without giving you fine heroes a chance to slay it. That has been corrected. (Translation: new mob to kill in Mirkwood)

+ You can no longer order charmed mobs to use heroskills. Sorry guys, it was just a bit too good, especially en masse.

+ Non-unique items that have reached their global limits when reset will now load, but will do so flagged rot-death. This is pretty much a cosmetic change to the world.

+ Removed Immunity to Piercing from wind elementals.

+ If you are on a quest, and YOUR charmie/pet/elemental/phantasmal killer happens to kill your mob while you are in the room, you should now be granted credit for the kill and be able to compete your quest. This does NOT extend to your groupies or their charmies.

+ Improved the base damage of the quest hammer and mace weapons.

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