Syntax: petition <clan>

    This command allows you to petition a clan for membership once you reach level 21.  If successful in your petition you will become a junior member of the clan in question.  As you hold greater respect within your clan, you can rise in the ranks to senior, deputy, counselor, second or even leader of the clan. At any time, before becoming a senior, you may be removed from the clan without penalty to petition a different clan.  Changing clans makes you a junior member of the new clan.
   At any time before being accepted into a clan you may clear your petition by typing petition without an argument.
Type help ‘clan rank’ to get a list of the clan’s ranking structures.

Syntax: petition                        petition accept <player>
        petition reject <player>        petition remove <player>

    Once you become a deputy you gain more control over your clan due to your increased power within that clan.  Petition without an argument will show you a list of all those who have petitioned your clan.  You may also accept or reject the petitions of players wishing to join, and may also remove players from the clan of their own free will.

Syntax: petition banish <player>        petition raise  <player> <status>

    Upon becoming a second you can now banish members (making them outcasts) or raise their rank within the clan.  To simply remove a member from the clan without making them outcast, use remove instead of banish.
    Banishing a clan member to an outcast is extremely detrimental to that character, because it makes them killable by all.  Use it sparingly according to the clan tenets.

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