Half Orc

Orcs are a hideous creation. They are often confused with High-orcs, but
are a distinct race, small in number but capable and deadly. Their time
of origin is unclear.
They are often employed as agents, spies, lieutenants, and special guards.
They can often be mistaken as human in poorly lit conditions.
They may not be mentalists, monks, or mystics and tend not to of good
alignment or even tendencies. They have Infravision. The males average 5’5″ in
height (size:5).

           Str Int Wis Dex Con  Hit Pts.     Age (in years)
Base :     14  12  12  12  13   Max: 1300    Start: 17
Max  :     20  18  18  20  19   Neg: -60     Death: 150
Magic:     24  22  22  24  23       Creation Points: 3

Languages: Westron, Yrch.