New Areas, Potions, and Fixes

* We’ve added 2 new areas, The Argond (made by our very own Kilava), and Ruins of Angmar (made by our own Elebrin).

* The Ettinmoors has relocated.

* Shimmering White Robe now correctly has a Weight Reduction % applied

* Noldor and Avari archmages were for years not charged the proper XP penalty (15%). That has been fixed. You may owe back-XP as a result of the recalculation  (we suggest that you drop a CP or learn a scroll to reset your tnl if needed).

* 2 new potions available in Tharbad

* Quest payout information is now included in QUEST INFO
* Kill quests for mobs initially in safe rooms should no longer be offered. (Your mob can still wander into one after the offer though)
* Corrected several newly exposed pre-existing quest bugs.


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