Catching up on Changes!

Changes since the last post about changes…

== Jan 24, Changes ==
Give x*item now caps at giving 20, rather than allowing giving 400 diamonds to someone. This change prevents the creation of an incorrect state for the networking sockets.
Mob spell selection vs characters with resists should now have more variance.
Lag for failing berserk reduced by aproximately 1/3 of previous
Lag for failed resize, repair and sharpen have all been reduced by roughly half.
EQ flagged nodrop or quest_eq will no longer jump if blessed/cursed while on evil/good characters.

== Empower, Maintain, Misc Fixes – Jan 11, 2014 ==

+ Warpstone skill uses less mana when fails, lower mana level requirement to use
+ Empower’s breath attack should be much more useful (improved damage by a factor of 3)
+ Level 1s will no longer disconnect once they idle in to the void, instead they will drop at 30min, like everyone else
+ slay_man flag now correctly affects beornings. slay_troll flag no longer incorrectly affects beornings.
+ Corrected a longstanding error that could cause a very rare crash.

– Use as you would ‘CAST’, but for buff spells only. Spells cast with maintain will only target you, you cannot MAINTAIN a spell on another.
– When you cast a spell with MAINTAIN, you will attempt to maintain the spell by directing some focus on it each tick. If you are successful the spell affect will not tick down, but you will pay a small amount of mana.
– The mechanics of casting via MAINTAIN are equivalent to those of CAST. All the same requirements, costs, and failure rates apply.
– Logging off will end any spell maintaining you were doing.
– Maintained spells can still be dispelled and cancelled like any normally cast spell.
– You must be standing in order to maintain. Spells will not maintain while in combat, or while resting, sleeping, incapacitated or dead.
– The chance of maintaining a spell is based directly on your skill in the spell, your wisdom, and your mental state (spell shorted, berserked and rampaging all work against it).

== 12-29-2013 – Fixes ==
+ Using say and sayto with a ! or ? at the end of your message will change the very from ‘says’ to ‘exclaims’ or ‘asks’
– Fixed two potential crash causing errors involving mobs killing themselves.
– Mass Charm will now give an error message if you cannot cast offensive spells on anyone in the room (ie: safe room)
+ Using the PROMPT command with the ‘show’ argument will now tell you what your prompt is.
– Warpstone skill will no longer consume 7x your level in mana when it creates a warpstone. Will now consume the mana value held in the warpstone +50%

== June 9, 2013 – Fixes, Small Changes, Gauntlets, Server Stuff ==
– Gauntlet AveDam Changes! Char size is no longer factored into gauntlet avedam. Gauntlet avedam is now calculated as if your size was fixed at 6. In other words, Ologs with gauntlets got nerfs, and things like hobbit monks just got a boost.
– Reduced casting difficulty level of sanctuary, allowing more mobs to access the spell.
– Increased randomization of xp reward calculations, brought reward levels for killing sentient vs non-sentient mobs closer together.
– An error made years ago when sanction was given to sorcerors preventing it from improving has been corrected. Sorcerors should now see sanction improve. Still requires a black outline to improve.
– Some helpfiles have been updated / corrected.
– Fixed a crash bug involving emptying a container
– Fixed a crash bug involving a mob killing itself
– Fixed a crash bug involving you killing a mob in a very specific manner

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