Beornings are a race of Northmen who live in the west of Rhovanion between
the Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains. They are closely related to the Riders
of Rohan, but in the Beornings the blood of the ancient and ferocious Edain
is much purer.
Beornings are physically huge, 7-8 feet tall and powerfully built.
They are wise in forest and animal lore and hate the creatures of the Dark
Lord for their destructive habits. They are generally good natured but
in combat they are fearsome and terrible.
Beornings may not be any pure or hybrid spell caster with the exception
of a cleric. They may not be warriors as their ferocious nature often
overcomes their sense of judgement. They may not be evil.
Both sexes average 7 to 8 feet tall; the women often seem more impressive
than the men.(size:8)

           Str Int Wis Dex Con  Hit Pts.     Age (in years)
Base :     18  10  12  13  16   Max: 1800    Start: 17
Max  :     23  18  16  19  22   Neg: -80     Death: 500
Magic:     25  22  20  23  25       Creation Points: 12
Languages: Westron, Adunaic