April 17, 2017: Mirkwood, FreeAction, P-Smash&S-Bash, Questing

==Area Changes==
+ Some mobs have gained new keywords
+ Equipment has been largely stripped of annoying hidden and invis tags
+ Mottled Green Gauntlets are now clothing (leather material)
+ Green/Brown Mottled Shields have had stats adjusted
+ Voodoo dagger and Green Mottled Shield now provide a +Resist rather than a +Immune
+ Assorted mundane weapons in Mirkwood adjusted for sanity
+ Encrusted Mallorn Rod no longer provides alignment shift
+ Some base damage stats for some mobs have been adjusted downwards
–Misc Areas–
+ Some Dunedain Watchtower mobs have lost sanc and had stats adjusted
+ Blade of the Night is now flagged LifeDrain again
+ Fixed the wear location for the Hand of Buddha gauntlets
+ FreeAction loads again in the world

==Skill Changes==
+ Powersmash has had its overall damage reduced, its chance to land reduced by 5%, and its chance to land a daze lasting for more than a single round reduced by 16%
+ ShieldBash chance to fall on your own face as well as knockdown has been reduced by half.

+ Will now iterate over 50% more options attempting to find you a quest
+ Raised the ‘hahah I will send you after insane stuff’ level minimum to 81 from 70
+ At level 51 the ‘acceptable’ level range of mobs will expand slightly
+ QM will attempt more checks for acceptability in earlier stages to reduce chances of NoQuest result.

+ Corrected walkto issue when encountering room that requires page scroll prompt response.

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