Syntax: who

WHO shows the people currently in the game.  Some people may choose to remain unseen and won’t appear on the WHO.

The WHO list is split into 3 parts – Valar, Killable and Safe.  The Valar section is self-explanatory.  The killable section shows all players who can safely be attacked, though doing so will give you a KILLER flag.  If you attack someone who is listed in the Safe section you will receive a CRIMINAL flag.

All CRIMINALs are Killable regardless of level.  Anyone who is level 20 or less, or more than 10 levels below you is Safe unless they are an OUTCAST or THIEF.  Anyone who has just died is also Safe.

Anyone who is a CRIMINAL, KILLER, THIEF or OUTCAST will show up on who as Either flashing or with a * in front of their name depending on whether you are using colour.

Clan is shown either by clan colour or by the full clan name, again depending on whether you are using colour.  All outcasts are shown on who.  All other clan members are shown only if you are in said clan, show clan colours (petition show), or said individual is a CRIMINAL, KILLER or THIEF.

The Clan Colours are:
Mor Sereg     - Red
Hildinole     - Pink
Manore        - Lt. Blue
Phoeniis Rhyn - Green
Dagor o Kano  - Yellow
Requain Manad - Dk. Blue
Outcast       - White.
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