Jan 29, 2011 Changes

==Functional Changes==
– Legends can now lose con
– Arda equipment will automatically take on your level, no leveling required.

==Area Changes-==

Forbidden Library – Various typos fixed – Various furnitures fixed – Centerfold of Sauron will no longer spam players in the same room, only the player who holds it

Edoras – Various typos fixed – Private rooms have been eliminated – Appropriate sizes, weights, and costs have been applied to equipment – Wear flags have been added to Mount Equipment – Shopkeeper will now sell intended inventory

Blacksmith – The petty-dwarf will now translocate less and will be easier to encounter. – There are now more one-handable weapons for various races. – Forged exceptional weapons are no longer no_drop, no_uncurse, but are instead returning. – Forged weapons have been adjusted for balance – ave dam, flags, triggers, affects, etc.

Houses – Fixed a bunch of mobprogs associated with fixation, female fan, etc.

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