Two Hand Combat and More!

There are 4 new skills for two hand combat. Warriors, Rangers, Paladins and Warmages have access to them.
– Two Hand Combat — passive skill, boosts general 2-hand combat damage and effects of other 2-hand skills.
– Cleave — active attack action to deal damage to your opponent.
– Sweep — active attack action that deals damage to all opponents in combat with you in the room
– Powersmash — active attack action that attempts to daze your opponent

– New command: GRIP – allows you to shift your grip between one and two hands on your weapon. no argument is needed. See HELP GRIP
– Parry receives a boost if you are using a two handed weapon. It is also harder to parry a two handed weapon now.

Other changes this patch:
– REGEN: You will no longer regen hp/mana/move on the tick. This will now happen at a reduced rate, roughly every 15-23 seconds.
– New prompt options! %t for in-game time of day, %T for system time in 24 hour format
– Shield Bash and Strike now have an added risk that you will fall flat on your face in your moment of triumph
– Disarm relies less on level now than before, though it is still a factor.
– Quest coins may no longer be sold back to the quest master. Sorry to all those who used it for legit commerce.
– The minor creation spell can now be used to create notepaper for writing notes.
– Improving skills now checks your PERM INT stat and not your CURRENT INT
– Two new quest weapons have been added, the War-Chain and the Maul. Both are 2-handed.
– Parry now considers the type of weapon you are using and the type of weapon your opponent is using. Some weapons are easier to parry with and against than others.
– Some Helpfiles have been updated.

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