Group, Follow, Split

Syntax: follow <character>

Syntax: group
Syntax: group <character>

Syntax: SPLIT <silver> <gold>

FOLLOW starts you following another character.  To stop following anyone else, just FOLLOW <yourself>.

GROUP <character> makes someone who is following you a member of your group. Group members share experience points from kills and may use the GTELL and SPLIT commands.  If anyone in your group is attacked, you will automatically join the fight.

If the <character> is already a member of your group, then GROUP will kick out the <character> from your group.  Characters can also leave your group by using a FOLLOW command to stop following you.

GROUP with no argument shows statistics for each character in your group.

Grouping has been limited to a 15 level difference higher/lower from the leader of the group.

SPLIT splits some coins between you and all the members of your group who are in the same room as you.  It’s customary to SPLIT the loot after a kill.  The first argument is the amount of silver the split (0 is acceptable), and the second gold (optional).
split 30        –> split 30 silver
split 20 50     –> split 20 silver, 50 gold
split  0 10     –> split 10 gold

Using AUTOSPLIT will cause this to be done for you.

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