Jan 14, 2018 :: A Quest for Something (A Better Quest?)

=== QUESTING ===
+ Quest Requests / Offers / Quits / Success are now stats tracked in the background.
+ QuestMaster will no longer offer item-pickup quests.
+ QuestMaster now provides gold in addition to QP for completed quests.
+ QuestMaster will now tell you up front what he will give you as a reward for a quest.
+ QuestMaster will now track the last 10 quests you are offered and should not offer you a quest from that list (Once you have been offered 10 since this patch)
+ Time elapsed is no longer a factor in quest rewards.
+ Cooldown following successful quest completions has been reduced.
+ Cooldown following a ‘No Quest Available’ event has been reduced.
+ Quests will be preserved across logout and copyover and will be continued upon your return.

**Important Note**
This is basically ‘Beta Phase 1’ of Quest stuff. I expect there will be a lot of tweaking of the system.
Additionally, there are a lot of places we can go from here, I expect we will improve the difficulty assessment for quests which will yield more accurate payouts, that we will add different quest types beyond the basic kill quest, more things to do with your QP, etc. So I need to hear feedback on this and to hear where you guys want to take questing.


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