Common men and women or just plain humans are among the most numerous of all
races. This is a generalized label for all folk containing varying degrees
of Dunadan, Dunlending, Northman, Harnadan, and Variag blood.
They have the shortest life of all the races, but are quite possibly
the hardest to kill in battle. They make up for their lack of longevity
an emotional drive to accomplish goals that exceeds just about any of the
other races.
They can be any class or alignment, they have no class restrictions or
special abilities. The average male height is 5’10”, while females average
5’4″ (size:5).

          Str Int Wis Dex Con   Hit Pts.       Age (in years)
Base :     13  13  13  13  13   Max: 1200      Start:  17
Max  :     18  18  18  18  18   Neg: -150      Death:  100
Magic:     23  23  23  23  23      Creation Points: 0

Languages: Westron, Aduniac.