Uruk Hai

High-orcs, or Uruk-hai as they are known by all the Dark Lord’s servants.
These hideous creatures are members of a race descended from Elves who were
twisted and perverted by Morgoth during the First Age. Although they are not
inherently evil, they are culturally and mentally predisposed toward dark forces
of evil.
Orcs are cruel, jealous, petty, ambitious, selfish, and suspicious (just
generally darn mean). They are almost always uncomfortable and, aside from meal
time or battle, are never happy or at peace with themselves.
They may not be pure essence users, mentalists or Hybrid spell users with
the exception of the sorcerer class, and tend not be good aligned. They have
Infravision and Fast Healing. They average 6 feet in height (size:6).

           Str Int Wis Dex Con  Hit Pts.     Age (in years)
Base :     14  11  12  12  14   Max: 1200    Start: 17
Max  :     21  17  18  18  21   Neg: -40     Death: 200
Magic:     25  21  22  22  25       Creation Points: 4

Languages: Westron, Yrch.