Wow, been a moment..

Wow, 2020 was quite the year.  What started as a year where I expected to work a lot here became a year of mind-bending insanity.  I hope you all made it through ok and will continue to be ok.

First thing:  We’re still operational and not abandoned.  The mud is still up and will remain up.

Second: Want to stop by and hang out? We have a little discord group:

Third: A few small changes that were done in the past few years but not noted here:

Thu Oct 18 01:28:17 2018
Added a new small area by Ardamin (thanks!)
Reduced post-use-lag on Iron Hand

Sat Oct 19 14:58:02 2019
– Fixed “making to much noise” (to => too)
– Implemented MSSP (stats protocol) for basic reporting to mud listing sites
– Basic MSDP implementation for out-of-band data reporting

– Corrected limited ability to summon out of range player who has nosum enabled
– Added norecall command and flag to prevent recall items/spells from being effective on PC.

Sun May 3 04:00:55 2020
fixed crashy listing bug with the auctionhouse. also patched over a few potential similar areas in the code.


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