Fixes & Updates – April 24, 2013

== Fixes, Corrections, Updates ==
– Corrected check-assist behaviour to allow PCs to assist NPC charmies
– Removed assist_guard, assist_vnum ACT flags on planeswalk mobs
– Altered the backend system that handles denoting whether a command is allowed when ordering a charmed mob or player. Expanded the list of prohibited commands
– Adjusted warpstone skill not to factor obj value of low price gems
– Mobs may cast with spellburst now
– Removed imm rooms and other petshop/livery rooms from room counter
– When creating a listing at the market, setting the quickbuy value will set the starting bid value to an equal value if it has not yet been set.

– Entangle and Sanction now eat only half mana on failure.
– Entangle and Sanction both have reduced mana usage at lower levels and capped maxium mana usage.
– Sanction should land more often now

==Spellburst Changes==
– Spellburst now uses only 1 spell, three times.
syntax: spellburst
– Spellburst requires that you be competent (75%) in a spell to spellburst it
– Spellburst now has a chance to fail initially or part way through based on your skill in spellburst. This chance exists even at 100% (though drastically reduced)

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