Changes, Changes, Changes

Been updating again, so here are some of the more significant change notes from the past month:
Mar 12, 2017 : SOFTDEATH, Newbie Accessibility Initiative, WALKTO updates
** Newbie Accessibility Initiative **
+ Implemented softdeath for newbies. See help SoftDeath in game
+ The learned skill Perception will now scale from 100% – > 60% for a character’s first 20 levels and will then switch to learned percentage.
— If at any time the learned percentage is higher than the scaled, the actual learned percentage will be used. This is to aid new players in gauging mobs and basic gear.

** Walk/WalkTo Changes **
+ Walk/WalkTo will now break if you fail to move rooms on a commanded move rather than continue incorrect movement commands.
+ You may use to continue ‘broken’ pathing segment – this assumes you are in the correct room and have resolved whatever issue caused your walk to fail.

March 9, 2017
=Skill Changes=
+ NerveStrike, Assasination, Sanction and Entangle should now have proper waitstates (lag) applied after failure
+ Cyclone Kick base damage is now increased if you are skilled in Kick
+ Increased maximum damage output of: Iron Hand, Pain Touch, Phoenix Claw
+ Iron Hand daze chance increased
+ Iron Hand now has a small chance to knock down an opponent

=Other GamePlay Changes=
+ Chaos Flag check has been increased by 2% per check
+ Corrected incorrect interaction of chaos flag and shield affs
+ Mobs are now significantly more likely to activate manafires, divinity and rejuvenation if they have the skill. No guarantees on the sanity of those activations or the effective capitalization on them by the mobs.
+ Further reduced chance of teleport and translocate by mobs
+ Consequentially increased chance of mobs fleeing rather than translocating or teleporting

+ Added autoopen command – when enabled you will attempt to unlock and open any doors in the direction you are walking.

+ Sauron no longer loads at the Darkwood entrance and should roam the area.

Feb 16 2017
== Skill Changes ==
– Added Fifth Attack skill at level 70 for Warriors
– Added Fourth Attack to Paladins at level 75
– Increased level of Fourth attack for bashkars to 35
– Increase difficulty of Fourth attack improvement
– Increased % chance to roll fourth attack

Feb 18, 2017
– EQ sizing information is now shown on items in the main donation pit. This is primarily to aid newcomers in finding appropriate gear.
– Mud school weapons have been improved to a semi usable point for that first level or two. (avedam around 10 now rather than 2)

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