Landmarks! Finding things in other things! Ending Hunger in Arda!

April 8 2017 : Movement, Hunger&Thirst, misc
+ Movement point gains are now scaled such that you will gain more over the first 50 levels than the last 50. Its a sliding scale the benefits the low end most.
+ Reduced base movement cost and lag by 33% for movement between outdoor locations
+ New helpfile for maintain (thanks Elebrin)
+ Fixed (should be) autoopen / grouping issue (thanks Elebrin)
+ You will no longer hunger or thirst if you are inside of a city or in a LAW area
(it is assumed you are a hero capable of feeding yourself in such mundane environs)

April 1, 2017 – (War)mages, Searching
+ Increased Warmage and Mage mana pool maxes
+ Created ‘search in’ command functionality to search containers for matching items and display results
(There was also a terrible April Fools update involving the need to poop.

March 26, 2017 – Containers and Landmarks and Walking
+ Increased WALKTO stored alias limit to 24
+ Fixed bug that would cause a walkto to fail to properly halt when attacked

+ Decreased the total capacity, individual item size limit, and weight reduction on Embroidered Saddlebags
+ Removed MAGIC and HIDDEN flags from Embroidered Saddlebags
+ Added global limit to Embroidered Saddlebags
+ Increased weight reduction, maximum single item weight, and global limit for Holes
+ Increased global limit and weight reduction for Girdle of Many Pouches (GOMP)

+ Added new container (canvas rucksack) in Tharbad shop

+ Implemented first version of the Landmarks system.
— This system is designed to assist newbies and low levels in exploring the world and reaching new places.
— It incidentally can make low level questing much easier
— This is version 1, changes and new aspects are on the drawing board, but I’d like to hear feedback
— See HELP LANDMARKS for extended information and usage

+ WALKTO has new options relating to LANDMARKS. HELP WALKTO has been updated.

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