Mages are pure spell users of Essence, who have concentrated in spells that deal with the elements. Mages specialize in the casting of offensive spells. Mages have the highest-powered magic of any class, and are the only classes able to use the spell groups of the elements. They are also very skilled at the use of magical items, though their combat skills are the weakest of any class.

All mages begin with skill in the dagger, and the art of meditation.
Any other weapon skills must be purchased, at a very high price, and they
should definitely wear light armour (or better yet, clothes) to prevent spell
casting interference.

 INT/WIS         +3 INT/+1 WIS        2000      PURE SPELL USER / ESSENCE

Creation Options:
group              cp    group              cp    group              cp   
mage default       60    weaponmaster       35    defensive          5     
detection          7     dispelling ways    3     earth law          5     
elemental shields  5     enchantment        6     enhancement        4     
fire law           5     ice law            5     illusion           6     
light law          5     physical change    3     protective         5     
shielding ways     4     spirit mastery     7     transportation     6     
water law          5     wind law           5     

skill              cp    skill              cp    skill              cp   
axe                4     hammer             5     hand to hand       5     
flail              5     mace               4     polearm            6     
spear              3     sword              4     blind fighting     8     
dodge              6     dual wield         9     engage             2     
enhanced damage    6     kata one           7     parry              7     
rescue             2     second attack      10    trip               5     
attunement         2     binding            3     body development   6     
channeling         6     endurance          5     fast healing       6     
haggle             4     herbalism          4     light sleep        3     
peek               4     scribe             5     scrolls            2     
spell mastery      3     warp stone         5     

Spells & Skills Available:
Level  1: detect magic              shock bolt     
Level  2: ventriloquate             
Level  4: detect evil               detect good               
Level  5: air bolt                  invisibility              
Level  6: blur                      continual light           
          flesh armor               
Level  7: dark vision               infravision               
Level  8: refresh                   sleep                     
Level  9: merge                     recharge                  
          stone bolt                
Level 10: armor                     fly                       
          water lungs               
Level 11: detect invis              giant strength            
Level 12: detect poison             earthquake                
          protection evil           protection good           
Level 13: fireproof                 identify                  
Level 14: chill weapon              heat weapon               
          item invis                water bolt                
Level 15: aid                       detect hidden             
Level 16: control weather           dispel magic              
          enchant armor             enchant cloth             
Level 17: enchant weapon            vacuum                    
Level 18: aura                      cancellation              
          null aura                 shift                     
          spell protect             spell shield              
Level 19: faerie fog                
Level 20: fire bolt                 ice bolt                  
          suggestion                word of recall            
Level 21: haste                     improved phantasm         
Level 22: mass invis                sanctuary                 
Level 23: duo dimension             resist lightning          
          slow                      uncurse item              
Level 24: beacon                    longdoor                  
          water ball                
Level 25: deflection                knock                     
          locate object             
Level 26: dimension door            spell short               
Level 27: fear                      lightning bolt            
Level 28: resist cold               resist heat               
Level 29: stunning                  
Level 30: cold ball                 fire ball                 
          hold person               
Level 31: resist water              stone skin                
Level 32: calm                      displacement              
Level 33: summon wind               
Level 36: portal                    resist energy             
          seal                      summon water              
Level 37: ball lightning            
Level 38: scry                      triad water               
Level 40: charm person              summon earth              
Level 42: triad flame               triad ice                 
Level 44: summon fire               summon ice                
Level 45: deflection true           
Level 48: summon lightning          
Level 51: alkar                     
Level 60: earth skin                fire blade                
          frost                     halo                      
          tornado                   tsunami                   

Level  1: axe                       dagger                    
          hammer                    hand to hand              
          flail                     mace                      
          polearm                   spear                     
          sword                     engage                     
          rescue                    attunement                 
          body development          scrolls                    
Level  5: herbalism                 spell mastery             
Level  6: meditation                
Level  7: haggle                    
Level  8: peek                      
Level 11: endurance                 
Level 12: enhanced damage           
Level 15: trip                      fast healing              
          light sleep               
Level 18: second attack             
Level 20: dodge                     kata one                  
Level 22: parry                     
Level 23: blind fighting            
Level 28: scribe                    
Level 30: channeling                warp stone                
Level 33: binding                   
Level 36: dual wield