Bashkar’s are fighters who charge headlong into battle with little or no regard for their own mortality. They live for combat and the thrill of battle, the salty spray of blood that spills from the broken bodies of their enemies, the groans of agony and the death screams of the battle field. They are the best rough and tumble fighters of all the classes, bar brawlers extrordinaire. They have all the subtlety of an avalanche — exhibit practically no magical skill or table manners whatsoever. Bashkars are best for those who don’t mind taking the direct approach, even when a ravaging horde is in the way. Another method might be more productive but not as grimly satisfying.

Bashkars begin with skill in the axe, and the art of enraging them-selves to increase damage and gain an additional attack. Shields are for wimps, and duel-wielding is simply the only way to go and technique is for Elves. Almost any weapon or combat skill may be purchased cheaply.


Creation Options:
group              cp    group              cp    group              cp
bashkar default    60    weaponmaster       20    creation           8
defensive          5     detection          8     harmful            6
healing            6     lofty movement     6     protective         6
transportation     8     weather            10

skill              cp    skill              cp    skill              cp
dagger             2     hammer             2     hand to hand       3
flail              3     mace               2     polearm            4
spear              2     sword              2     blind fighting     4
charge             4     dirt kicking       3     disarm             5
dismount           4     dodge              5     dual wield         5
engage             1     enhanced damage    3     fourth attack      7
kick               4     kata one           3     kata two           4
kata three         5     mounted combat     6     parry              5
rescue             2     second attack      3     sidestep           8
strike             3     third attack       5     trip               2
attunement         8     binding            8     body development   2
channeling         6     endurance          2     fast healing       3
haggle             6     herbalism          4     hunt               5
light sleep        3     meditation         8     peek               6
scrolls            8     smash door         3

Spells & Skills Available:
Level  5: cause light               cure light                
Level  7: detect evil               detect good               
Level  8: detect magic              
Level  9: create water              
Level 10: faerie fire               
Level 11: continual light           
Level 12: blur                      create food               
Level 13: cause serious             cure serious              
Level 15: detect poison             
Level 16: floating disc             
Level 17: teleport                  
Level 18: detect invis              
Level 19: merge                     
Level 20: armor                     word of recall            
Level 21: cause critical            cure critical             
Level 22: create spring             
Level 23: control weather           
Level 24: fly                       water lungs               
Level 26: identify                  
Level 27: heroes feast              minor creation            
Level 28: sanctuary                 shift                     
Level 29: faerie fog                
Level 31: shield                    
Level 32: beacon                    longdoor                  
Level 40: displacement              
Level 44: call lightning            portal                    
Level 45: stone skin                
Level 57: chain lightning           

Level  1: axe                       dagger                    
          hammer                    hand to hand              
          flail                     mace                      
          polearm                   spear                     
          sword                     dual wield                 
          engage                    enhanced damage            
          rescue                    strike                     
          body development           
Level  2: parry                     trip                      
Level  4: dirt kicking              endurance                 
          fast healing              smash door                
Level  5: kata one                  
Level  6: berserk                   second attack             
Level  8: attunement                
Level 10: kata two                  herbalism                 
          light sleep               
Level 12: blind fighting            kick                      
          third attack              
Level 13: dismount                  
Level 15: disarm                    dodge                     
Level 18: hunt                      
Level 20: kata three                haggle                    
Level 24: fourth attack             
Level 25: charge                    mounted combat            
Level 30: channeling                
Level 40: sidestep                  
Level 50: binding