Hobbits have a ‘murky’ origin, although it appears they arose in the East in the
First Age, at about the same time and Men. Their habits, however, are unique:
they burrow and dig and reside in “holes” or smials ; thus their name Kuduk,
which means “Hole-dweller”. The smallest of speaking people, Hobbits tend to be
fat or pudgy. They have large and hairy feet – to the point of being furry.
Hobbits are basically cheery, conservative, unassuming, and peaceful folk.
Ambition is not part of their makeup. Most are conformists who avoid the
unknown and shun adventure, preferring instead to stay within the comforts of
neat, humble homes.
They may not be essence users, mentalists or any Hybrid spell caster of
that combination. Their tendencies run to being good or neutral. They are
resistant to poison, magic and disease (As easy to deal with as a cornered rat, and harder to kill than a cockroach). They average 2 to 4 feet in height with
females generally being smaller (size:3).

           Str Int Wis Dex Con  Hit Pts.     Age (in years)
Base :     10  12  12  17  16   Max: 1000    Start: 17
Max  :     16  18  18  23  22   Neg: -180    Death: 130
Magic:     20  22  22  25  25       Creation Points: 10

Languages: Westron, Aduniac, Kuduk.