Noldor Elf

The Noldor are often called “High Elves” or “Deep Elves”, particularly because they
are considered to be the most noble of the Elves. In reality, they are so named
because they are the only Elves living in Middle-earth who have ever resided in the Undying Lands.
Finwe was the first king of the Noldor. Finwe’s sons – Feanor, Fingolfin,
Finarfin – produced the three traditional lines which compose the whole of the Noldor.
Regardless of the line, all Noldor are of noble bearing, haughty, and often appear
to be arrogant. Of all the Elves, they are the most passionate.
Tall of form and long of limb, they are a graceful people, yet their forms
pack considerable physical and magically power. Perhaps the most inherently
powerful race left on Middle-Earth since the downfall of Numenor or the loss
They may not be Bashkars but may be any other class, and may be any
They have Darkvision and are immune to disease. The average male height is
6’7″, while females average 6’3″ (size:6).

           Str Int Wis Dex Con  Hit Pts.     Age (in years)
Base :     14  15  15  15  13   Max: 1500    Start: 17
Max  :     20  21  21  20  19   Neg: -40     Death: 32,000
Magic:     24  25  25  24  23       Creation Points: 15

Languages: Westron, Quenya, Sindarin.