Jan 28, 2011 Changes

==Flag Changes==
– Blunt flags chance to stun is now based on the level of the weapon and ranges from about 1% to about 5%
– Removing weapon flags now costs only 50 QP.
– You can no longer have both blunt and sharp on a single weapon
– Shadow weapons no longer produce debug spam and are now silent
– Shadow flag is now 2750 QP instead of 2500

==Quest Item Changes==
– When you die with quest gear, it should now go to your inventory and your AC should no longer be messed up
– Gauntlets of Arda are blunt now instead of sharp.  If you have a pair that is still sharp and would like to change it to blunt, talk to an immortal.
– Hammer and Mace of arda now have blunt flags.
– Quest equipment levels have been dropped/upped to level 50.
– If you are higher than level 50 when you purchase quest gear, the item will match your level.
– When you level your quest items will increase in level with you if you are above level 50.
– If you possess a higher level piece of quest eq than your level it will reset to your level when you level (or level 50 if you’re lower than 50)

==ClanHall Changes==
– MS Couch has been upgraded
– Kallis has been upgraded
– Bren has been removed
– Kallis and Amarth are now both Warriors to match the other clan guardians

– Smaug is now level 101
– Small changes to HELP RULES to reflect updates in policy on harassment

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