Oct 19, 2012 – Small Changes&Additions, Quest Flagging, Group XP

A few alterations and additions:

– Fixed a buggy room in the sewers that would eat up large amounts of move due to an invalid sectortype
– You can now use %p in your prompt to display your Exploration Percentage
– You may no longer name a pet with your own name

– I implemented a system that allows us to switch between the current, ‘stock’ group xp calculation and a flat percentage penalty (ranging from 50% bonus to 100% penalty, settable on the fly)
– You can view the current status of the group xp modifier with the ‘settings’ command.
– When non-stock group penalties are in effect you will recieve heavily penalized XP if you are in a group led by a mob. (ie: grouped around your clan guard to avoid group range restrictions)
– We will be experimenting with the xp modifier settings for groups over the next while.

– Changed behavior of scribe & brew such that they now alter the name string of a completed potion or scroll to contain ‘potion’ or ‘scroll’ accordingly, rather than the original item name (currently ‘vial’ and ‘parchment’). Thanks to Elua for pointing this one out.

Quest Weapon Flagging! IMPORTANT!
When you purchase quest weapons now, you will be required to pick your flag (elemental, shocking, frost, acid) at the itme of purchase.
The QUEST BUY command has been extended for this to QUEST BUY
Buying non-weapon quest equipment remains the same as before.

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