March 3, 2012 Changes, & Divinity

== Bug Fixes ==
– Frost affect wear-off message now makes sense (was: !Frost!)
– Fixed a bug causing stacking affects with multiple sub-affects to stack incorrectly
– Seer and Warmage are now visible in the class selection menu at creation.

== Spell Changes ==
– Victims now have a chance to save vs Tornado and Frost for half damage and avoidance of BadThings (blind, and frost affects)
– Flying no longer will cause a victim to escape damage from frost.
– The duration and affect stacking (stat penalties for victims) have been severely curtailed so that it is less powerful than NerveStrike
– Frost will no longer impact dex, now only STR. The amount is based on caster level.

== Divinity Changes ==
– Divinity is no longer a suicide bomber skill.
– Divinity is now a AC boost based on your level, skill with divinity and alignment. Min boost should -25, Max is somewhere over -100.
– Divinity grants you a bonus attack vs enemies that are not your alignment.
– Divinity grants your weapon Holy or Unholy damage if the mob you are fighting is good or evil and you are not the same alignment.
– Divinity costs roughly 200 mana to invoke, drecreases based on skill.
– While fighting something not of your alignment with Divinity active, your alignment will drift towards a ‘pure’ position: -1000, 0, or 1000.
– Divinity grants you a (DIVINE) aura.

== Misc Changes ==
– You may now sell back quest coins for 25 QP.
– A large number of messages referencing items glowing colors are now colored to match.

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March 2, 2012 Changes : ManaFires and Spellburst!

Two remort skills are affected here. Manafires and Spellburst.

– Fixed the loot command causing an inform on non PC corpse containers
– Rebuilt spellburst. It now works on all spells. Use your own name for target-self spells
– Changed Manafires to an overcharge type skill.
— You engage manafires with the manafires command. You must have atleast 200 mana to engage it. There is an initial mana cost based on your skill level.
— Until manafires wears off, all magical damage dealt by your character is amplified, based on your level and skill at spellburst, between 1.5 and 3x the original damage.
— You will be charged mana for the extra damage based on the boost. Mana cost is affected by your level and skill in spellburst.
— Every tick manafires upkeep will burn 5% of your manapool, or 30 mana, whichever is the larger number. If you run out of mana at the tick, manafires will end.

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Feb 26, 2012 Changes

– Valar names when sacrificing eq is now random and no longer tied to clans.
– Items in pits will slowly degrade (condition) over time until they reach 0, at which point they will turn to dust. This should take at least 8 days for a 100% condition item.
– Player corpses will now take over an hour to rot.
– You may no longer use the ‘get’ command to loot a corpse. You must now use the ‘loot’ command. Your action will be made public.
– You may no longer pick up a player corpse, even if you have all the strength and carry capacity in the world.
– Resolved an issue with weapons in the pit and market losing weapon flags. Future items placed in the market and pits will not lose flags. Please notify me of any further problems.
– You may no longer delete after level 20. You couldn’t reuse your name after that point, this just makes bookkeeping easier for us. If you want to destroy a character please request a flame bath from your friendly neighborhood Vala.
– The minimum level gain is now 5 5 7 instead of 3 3 7.

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Sept 7, 2011 Changes

– Finally put Beenagoran’s long requested PR clan hall changes in
– Added Seer guild in Tharbad (by the monks)
– Sort of resolved crash issue when killing a mounted mob. There is a remaining bug where the mob will die twice and leave a second corpse, but the game shouldn’t crash anymore from it.

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March 13, 2011 Changes

Orkwood Changes
-orc population has decreased in Orkwood
-pit traps now have exits
-collecting mushrooms is now more challenging
-mushrooms are now lighter
-mushrooms now factor into your inventory count
-mushrooms can now make you full
-a big bird now has a reset
-messenger orcs will now ride wargs as intended
-preexisting mobprogs should now be functional

Caravan Changes
-a new shop is available
-you can now exit the caravan by walking

Vilistani Changes
-an unintended issue regarding shopkeeper is now fixed
-fixed several mobprog issues

Edoras Changes
-Fixed some mob ave damages

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Jan 28, 2011 Changes

==Flag Changes==
– Blunt flags chance to stun is now based on the level of the weapon and ranges from about 1% to about 5%
– Removing weapon flags now costs only 50 QP.
– You can no longer have both blunt and sharp on a single weapon
– Shadow weapons no longer produce debug spam and are now silent
– Shadow flag is now 2750 QP instead of 2500

==Quest Item Changes==
– When you die with quest gear, it should now go to your inventory and your AC should no longer be messed up
– Gauntlets of Arda are blunt now instead of sharp.  If you have a pair that is still sharp and would like to change it to blunt, talk to an immortal.
– Hammer and Mace of arda now have blunt flags.
– Quest equipment levels have been dropped/upped to level 50.
– If you are higher than level 50 when you purchase quest gear, the item will match your level.
– When you level your quest items will increase in level with you if you are above level 50.
– If you possess a higher level piece of quest eq than your level it will reset to your level when you level (or level 50 if you’re lower than 50)

==ClanHall Changes==
– MS Couch has been upgraded
– Kallis has been upgraded
– Bren has been removed
– Kallis and Amarth are now both Warriors to match the other clan guardians

– Smaug is now level 101
– Small changes to HELP RULES to reflect updates in policy on harassment

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Jan 29, 2011 Changes

==Functional Changes==
– Legends can now lose con
– Arda equipment will automatically take on your level, no leveling required.

==Area Changes-==

Forbidden Library – Various typos fixed – Various furnitures fixed – Centerfold of Sauron will no longer spam players in the same room, only the player who holds it

Edoras – Various typos fixed – Private rooms have been eliminated – Appropriate sizes, weights, and costs have been applied to equipment – Wear flags have been added to Mount Equipment – Shopkeeper will now sell intended inventory

Blacksmith – The petty-dwarf will now translocate less and will be easier to encounter. – There are now more one-handable weapons for various races. – Forged exceptional weapons are no longer no_drop, no_uncurse, but are instead returning. – Forged weapons have been adjusted for balance – ave dam, flags, triggers, affects, etc.

Houses – Fixed a bunch of mobprogs associated with fixation, female fan, etc.

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Creating A Character!

One of our most excellent players put this little tutorial together walking through the aspects of creating a new warrior character.

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New Website

Welcome to the Burning Eye’s new website

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Weapon Flags & Misc

– A bug with Enfeeblement allowing you to draw into negative mana should be fixed.  A bug where it refers to the wrong person and fails to give you a fail message still remain.
– You can no longer escape your clantax by depositing money in silly small amounts.
– Quest Timers should no longer stick.  If they do stick, please note Aule about it, if you can include who else was on at the time and if they were questing that would be helpful.
– Fixed an error where the return exit from the Forbidden Library was missing.
– Help FLAGS is now a helpfile
– Help QUEST has been updated to reflect the subcommands ‘sell’ and ‘flag’
– The questmaster can now flag your weapons for you. quest flag <item> add/remove/list <flag>.  Consult HELP FLAGS for more detail.
– Shadow, Chaos, Blunt and Slay_maia flags are now available.
– – Shadow weapons will ignore your attempts to parry them or block them with a shield.
– – Chaos weapons will randomly act like they are elementally flagged, poisoned or holy / unholy weapons.
– – Slay_maia deals extra damage when fighting maia race mobs
– – Blunt deals extra damage in the same manner as sharp, with a small chance to daze your opponent.
– Sharp flags may only be added to piercing and slashing weapons (stab, slash, etc), blunt flags may only be added to weapons with blunt attacks (thwack, slap, etc).

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