March 3, 2012 Changes, & Divinity

== Bug Fixes ==
– Frost affect wear-off message now makes sense (was: !Frost!)
– Fixed a bug causing stacking affects with multiple sub-affects to stack incorrectly
– Seer and Warmage are now visible in the class selection menu at creation.

== Spell Changes ==
– Victims now have a chance to save vs Tornado and Frost for half damage and avoidance of BadThings (blind, and frost affects)
– Flying no longer will cause a victim to escape damage from frost.
– The duration and affect stacking (stat penalties for victims) have been severely curtailed so that it is less powerful than NerveStrike
– Frost will no longer impact dex, now only STR. The amount is based on caster level.

== Divinity Changes ==
– Divinity is no longer a suicide bomber skill.
– Divinity is now a AC boost based on your level, skill with divinity and alignment. Min boost should -25, Max is somewhere over -100.
– Divinity grants you a bonus attack vs enemies that are not your alignment.
– Divinity grants your weapon Holy or Unholy damage if the mob you are fighting is good or evil and you are not the same alignment.
– Divinity costs roughly 200 mana to invoke, drecreases based on skill.
– While fighting something not of your alignment with Divinity active, your alignment will drift towards a ‘pure’ position: -1000, 0, or 1000.
– Divinity grants you a (DIVINE) aura.

== Misc Changes ==
– You may now sell back quest coins for 25 QP.
– A large number of messages referencing items glowing colors are now colored to match.

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