March 2, 2012 Changes : ManaFires and Spellburst!

Two remort skills are affected here. Manafires and Spellburst.

– Fixed the loot command causing an inform on non PC corpse containers
– Rebuilt spellburst. It now works on all spells. Use your own name for target-self spells
– Changed Manafires to an overcharge type skill.
— You engage manafires with the manafires command. You must have atleast 200 mana to engage it. There is an initial mana cost based on your skill level.
— Until manafires wears off, all magical damage dealt by your character is amplified, based on your level and skill at spellburst, between 1.5 and 3x the original damage.
— You will be charged mana for the extra damage based on the boost. Mana cost is affected by your level and skill in spellburst.
— Every tick manafires upkeep will burn 5% of your manapool, or 30 mana, whichever is the larger number. If you run out of mana at the tick, manafires will end.

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