Feb 26, 2012 Changes

– Valar names when sacrificing eq is now random and no longer tied to clans.
– Items in pits will slowly degrade (condition) over time until they reach 0, at which point they will turn to dust. This should take at least 8 days for a 100% condition item.
– Player corpses will now take over an hour to rot.
– You may no longer use the ‘get’ command to loot a corpse. You must now use the ‘loot’ command. Your action will be made public.
– You may no longer pick up a player corpse, even if you have all the strength and carry capacity in the world.
– Resolved an issue with weapons in the pit and market losing weapon flags. Future items placed in the market and pits will not lose flags. Please notify me of any further problems.
– You may no longer delete after level 20. You couldn’t reuse your name after that point, this just makes bookkeeping easier for us. If you want to destroy a character please request a flame bath from your friendly neighborhood Vala.
– The minimum level gain is now 5 5 7 instead of 3 3 7.

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