March 4, 2012 – Minor Fixes & Rampage

== Misc ==
– Divinity duration has been decreased
– Fixed a bug with object resets in areas causing duplicate items to stack up in a room if they were loaded in more than one room
– Fixed a typo in Divinity’s activation message

== Rampage ==
– New version of Rampage for the Bashkars
– Now grants:
– a large HR/DR Bonus
– a STR bonus (to help counteract poison and plague effects)
– 2 bonus attacks vs the Bashkars victim per pulse
– 2 attacks vs anything attacking the Bashkar that is not the Bashkar’s target
– a decreased chance of the Bashkar’s attack being parried, blocked, evaded, dodged or sidestepped
– a chance to stun on all attacks by an enraged bashkar, chance starts at 4% and adjusts with rampage skill
– a stunning attack has a small chance of knocking the Bashkar’s opponent down
– a MASSIVE decrease in ability to cast spells and recite scrolls due to the Bashkar’s bloodlust

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