March 11 Changes and New Things!

– Max Prompt Size has been increased to 255char (from 50 char)
– Prompts have new options. Check HELP PROMPT for more details
– Your PK points are now visible in your score. If you still use oldscore.. upgrade!
– RM’s pool will properly use ‘in’ instead of ‘on’ when you rest/sleep in it.
– Fixed bug causing your to create ‘The head of (null)’ when stuffing heads.
– Removed SUICIDE as keyword for HELP DELETE

– Added global ‘music’ channel. Please use this for all of your OOC singing and music discussion needs.

– Added an area, the Hobgoblin Keep for low levels (20-30?). It even has a helpfile.

– Added speedwalking commands: walk , walkto
-Use WALK to walk with a directly provded speedwalk list. ie: walk 2nes3e
-Use WALKTO to save direction lists with a name and invoke them.
-There is a help file. HELP WALKTO
-You may save up to 12 sets of directions.

== Rampage Alterations ==
-Rampage now has shorter duration, less DR bonus and less STR bonus
-A rampaging Bashkar now has only 0->25% chance to roll to use their defensive abilities against incoming attacks. The chance is dependent on their skill with Rampage
-The chances for the Bashkar’s victims to defend themselves have been reworked. Now they roll against one set of odds for the chance to defend themselves against an attack and then roll for each defense (sidestep, parry, db, dodge, shield block) as normal.
-Rampage is intended to be anti-spellcaster.
-PURE_ARMS classes will have the best chance to defend themselves vs the bashkar’s rampaging attacks as they are well trained in the art of melee combat.
-HYBRID classes will have middle-of-the-road chances to defend themselves. While they are fairly well trained in the melee arts, the aspect of their mind devoted to non-melee tasks is larger and prevents them from being able to adequetely deal with the enraged bashkar.
-PURE_SPELL classes simply should not face a rampaging bashkar. As their studies have been devoted to the mind and are only lightly trained in the art of the melee they cannot properly anticipate and respond to the attacks of a rampaging Bashkar. They can expect to defend against very few of a Bashkar’s attacks.

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