Fixes – April 17, 2012

– A few patches ago the pit-split level was raised to 55 from the previous 40
– Raised the deletion and name-reuse cap to 40 from 20
– Resolved a possible item dupe bug (STR)
– ‘May quest again in x min’ should now say the proper time instead of 0
– Fixed a bug that could cause corpse rot in as a little as 2 ticks
– Fixed a bug with the loot command that caused it to send erroneous [Inform]s for unlootable items (hopefully fixed completely this time)
– Turning off the music channel now turns off music and not OOC. If you had previously turned off Music, check your OOC.

== Rampage Changes ==
– Rampage’s bonus attacks now cost 5 move each
– No more additional loss of chance to defend for any class vs the rampaging bashkar (Rampaging bashkar defense loss still applies to them though)
– Fleeing while rampaging now incurs the same penalty as attempting to flee while berserked
– Nerf on casting while rampaged has been cut in half – nerf on use of scrolls is unaffected

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