Weapon Flags & Misc

– A bug with Enfeeblement allowing you to draw into negative mana should be fixed.  A bug where it refers to the wrong person and fails to give you a fail message still remain.
– You can no longer escape your clantax by depositing money in silly small amounts.
– Quest Timers should no longer stick.  If they do stick, please note Aule about it, if you can include who else was on at the time and if they were questing that would be helpful.
– Fixed an error where the return exit from the Forbidden Library was missing.
– Help FLAGS is now a helpfile
– Help QUEST has been updated to reflect the subcommands ‘sell’ and ‘flag’
– The questmaster can now flag your weapons for you. quest flag <item> add/remove/list <flag>.  Consult HELP FLAGS for more detail.
– Shadow, Chaos, Blunt and Slay_maia flags are now available.
– – Shadow weapons will ignore your attempts to parry them or block them with a shield.
– – Chaos weapons will randomly act like they are elementally flagged, poisoned or holy / unholy weapons.
– – Slay_maia deals extra damage when fighting maia race mobs
– – Blunt deals extra damage in the same manner as sharp, with a small chance to daze your opponent.
– Sharp flags may only be added to piercing and slashing weapons (stab, slash, etc), blunt flags may only be added to weapons with blunt attacks (thwack, slap, etc).

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