Weapon Flags!

Weapon Flags have (re)arrived!

– All weapon flagging will be done by the QuestMaster – you will not need to ask an immortal to do it! Read HELP FLAGS for more details.
– Non-Quest Weapons are limited to 3 flags from the flag list, including the flags that come stock with the weapon.
– Quest Weapons are limited to 4 flags from the list.*
– You will still be allowed to switch the quest weapons original flaming flag to another elemental flag (acid, shocking, frost)
– For 500 QP the QM will remove a flag from a weapon for you, provided that it is a flag that you can add.
– For each flag currently on your weapon there is a 500 QP surcharge on top of the flag’s cost.
– We will not be offering slay_male, slay_female, slay_good, slay_evil and lance at this time.
– There are 4 new flags being offered, slay_maia, blunt, chaos and shadow. 

– Pricing is as follows:

Poison      – 1500 QP

Manadrain   – 1750 QP
Lifedrain   – 1750 QP

Vorpal      – 1750 QP
Sharp       – 2000 QP *Cannot be used on a weapon with blint – Piercing or Slashing damage types only
Blunt       – 2000 QP *Cannot be used on a weapon with sharp – Smashing damage types only

Chaos       – 2000 QP

Flaming     – 2250 QP
Shocking    – 2250 QP
Acidic      – 2250 QP
Frost       – 2250 QP

Holy        – 2250 QP
Unholy      – 2250 QP

Shadow      – 2500 QP
Slay_undead – 2500 QP
Slay_drake  – 2500 QP
Slay_troll  – 2500 QP
Slay_orc    – 2500 QP
Slay_hobbit – 2500 QP
Slay_dwarf  – 2500 QP

Slay_man    – 2750 QP
Slay_elf    – 2750 QP
Slay_maia – 2750 QP

Returning   – 4000 QP

*We may alter the limit per weapon at a later point in time
** These prices are subject to change if we feel they need to be adjusted up or down.

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