Changes – Sept 15 2012

An assortment of small changes and updates, the majority by Aiwendil and dealing with areas, and a few minor by Aule.
– Help prompt typo for gold fixed (%G for bank, %g for inventory)
– Camping now gives more informative failure messages
– Arda staff should now be one handable for Noldor & Avari
– Some misc background stuff for mobprogs
– HELP WARMAGE, HELP SEER should now be visible

== Area Changes ==

– Modified spiked war club, hammers, broadsword, and cuirass (generic and uniques)
– Fixed mobprogs: Harry, Billy, Tom, Gruumsh, hapless victims

– Fixed broken mobprogs
– Sector and room flags are now correct
– Previously unlinked rooms are now linked
– Certain doors have now been properly reset
– Private room has been removed
– Amber Knight becomes harder

Hobgoblin Keep:
– Weapon stats have been adjusted down
– Shields should now work like shields (as opposed to armor)
– Edited mobprog

– Women are no longer blind

– Thelad is no longer blind

Divided Souls:
– Avengers, Deathmaster and related assassins are now immune to summoning

– Mob immunities, resistances, and weaknesses have been redone based on race and logic

– Smaug is now reprogrammed to use the new rampage appropriately.

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