commands report score time info

Syntax: commands
Syntax: report
Syntax: score
Syntax: time
Syntax: weather
Syntax: info

COMMANDS shows you all the commands in the game.

REPORT shows your current statistics to you and also announces them to other players in the room.

SCORE shows much more detailed statistics to you only. Your ability scores are shown as true value(current value), so for example Str: 15(23) means you have a 15 strength from training, but a 23 strength from other factors (spells or items).

TIME shows the game time, as well as the time the mud was last started, and the current local time for the host computer.

WEATHER shows the current game weather.

INFO without an argument shows your current points and spell groups known. If an argument is provided, information on that spell group is given. As well, ‘info skills’ and ‘info spells’ will show level information for all available skills or spells.

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