Creation Points / Groups

The ROM skill system allows you to fully customize your new character,
making him or her skilled in the skills you choose.  Skills are paid for
with creation points, and the more creation points you have, the harder
it is to gain a level.  Furthermore, higher cost skills are harder to
practice.  Skill groups are like package deals for characters — sets of
skills or spells that are closely related, and hence can be learned as a
unit.  There is a default skill group for each class, which can be selected
for a balanced selection of skills at a somewhat reduced cost.

The experience breakdown is as follows:
 points   exp/level     points   exp/level       points  exp/level
60        1000         100        3200           140      7200
70        1250         110        4050           150      8450
80        1800         120        5000           160      9800
90        2450         130        6050           170     11250

The table continues in a similar manner for higher point totals.

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